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Our World

Innovation Has Never Tasted This Good

Making great fried chicken is an art. Mixing up the perfect batter, creating the ideal breading and frying to perfectly golden brown for the most satisfying crunch. Then drizzle on […]

Tips & Trends

6 Ways to Use AI in Your Restaurant

Whether you use it or not, AI technology is here to stay. The good news is there are all kinds of ways you can use it to your advantage, from […]

Tips & Trends

What America Thinks of Pizza in 2024

What America Thinks of Pizza in 2024 Pizza will always be a favorite, but the popular toppings and the experiences it creates can change often. To help you stay on […]

Food Builds

Peruvian Turkey Sub

Featuring JENNIE-O® Petite Turkey Breast Roast, this Peruvian take on a turkey sub will elevate any menu. Accompanied by a spicy aji Amarillo sauce and crispy plantain chips, this sub is sure to please!

Food Builds

Crispy Ribbon Pepperoni Salad with Parmesan

Crispy ribbon pepperoni as crouton on a re-imagined Antipasto.

Food Builds

Turkey Breast Roast Schnitzel with Caper Mustard Mayonnaise and Buttered Noodles

An Austrian classic made with JENNIE-O® Turkey Breast is served with buttered noodles and a lemony caper mustard sauce.

Food Builds

Mexican Style Poutine

The bold flavors of this poutine will have guests coming back for more. Crispy HORMEL® THE PERFORMANCE PEPPERONI® Ribbon Pepperoni adds the perfect crunch to this fun take on a classic poutine.

Food Builds

The Chicago Combo Pizza

Combining two Chicago classics, this pizza features FONTANINI® Oven Roasted Sliced Italian-Style Beef and FONTANINI® Spicy Cup & Char Sliced Sausage for the ultimate pizza mashup. Topped off with giardiniera, this pizza is sure to please!

Tips & Trends

Breakfast is Served: Early Risers are on the Rise

Breakfast is Served: Early Risers are on the Rise Whether you’re a seasoned brunch vet or serving breakfast is new to you, there’s no denying that customers are looking to […]

Tips & Trends

Turning Pennies into Profits

Turning Pennies into Profits Why Pepperoni Slice Count Is So Important Every penny counts when you’re operating on razor thin margins. That goes without saying. Why then are so many […]

Tips & Trends

So Long, Pit Stops. Hello, Elevated Eats.

How consumer shopping habits are transforming the c-store experience. The pandemic clearly shifted the way consumers shop, but the c-store landscape was already changing before the lockdown hit. In fact, […]

Food Builds

Brisket Soba Salad

AUSTIN BLUES® Sliced Brisket paired with a soba noodle salad tossed in HOUSE OF TSANG® Bangkok Peanut Sauce makes for a delicious and fresh build. INGREDIENTS STEP ONE Cook soba […]

Food Builds

Meatball Polenta

Polenta and Meatballs? Yeah, you heard that right! Our FONTANINI® Chicken and Beef Meatball is the star of the “polenta cups” in this build. INGREDIENTS STEP ONE Start by making […]

Food Builds

Burnt Ends Plate

Kansas City meets Austin in this mouthwatering Burnt Ends Plate. You’ll love the balance of super savory AUSTIN BLUES® Pecanwood Smoked Pork Shoulder with the sweetness of corn cakes. NOTE: […]

Food Builds

Walking Esquites

This build combines Walking Tacos (who doesn’t love a walking taco?) with esquites, or Mexican Street Corn salad as you might know it, and our CAFÉ H® Pork Carnitas to […]

Food Builds

Crispy Pierogies

Give pierogies an upgrade by topping them with AUSTIN BLUES® Chopped Brisket for the perfect appetizer or entrée. A creamy, herby buttermilk mayo ties it all together. INGREDIENTS STEP ONE […]

Food Builds

Buttermilk Brisket Cobb

Traditional Cobb Salad gets a delicious twist with AUSTIN BLUES® Chopped Brisket. INGREDIENTS BUTTERMILK-HERB MAYO Yields 1 cup. STEP ONE Cut one head of iceberg lettuce into large wedges. STEP […]

Tips & Trends

Why Dealability Is Such a Big Deal

Why Dealability Is Such a Big Deal How You Can Avoid the Pepperoni Bottleneck We don’t need to tell you efficiency is everything when your busy times hit. One small […]