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A Stubborn Pursuit of Perfect Taste

Let’s impress your customers with flavor, texture and true Italian-style craftmanship in every detail.

    The Product Line

    What Makes It Great

    Premium Cuts

    Premium Cuts

    We use only premium, whole muscle cuts with no trim, leading to a firmer bite and consistent texture.

    Specially Chosen Spices

    Specially Chosen Spices

    To highlight the meat’s unique flavor profile and honor the specific Italian region of origin, we use only carefully chosen spices.

    No Shortcuts

    No Shortcuts

    There are no corners cut here. Our longer fermentation times lead to a unique, old-world flavor.

    See Your Profit Potential

    Watch how ingredients, portions and costs add up to profitable charcuterie boards.

    A History of Perfection

    Hear about the traditions we’ve held onto for over 100 years.



    COLUMBUS® Brand Logos

    Hi-res logos to add to your menu or website.


    COLUMBUS® Craft Meats FAQs

    Specific answers to key questions.


    COLUMBUS® Craft Meats Foodservice Point of Sale

    Relevant product detail and more.

    Beyond the Board

    Salami Grilled Crostini

    Top your grilled Italian bread with COLUMBUS® Italian Dry Salami and various cheeses, spices and accoutrements.

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