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We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting our craft. Getting it just right for you. We’re not just here to smoke meat. We’re here to help you smoke the competition.

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    What makes it great?


    Real Smoke

    Smoke should never come from a bottle. That’s why we slow smoke AUSTIN BLUES® Meats over real wood blends for hours.

    Slow Smoked Meats

    Ready to Serve

    Serve authentic slow-smoked meats easily. Just open the package, add your personal touches and impress them all.


    Go Beyond BBQ

    Think bigger than pulled pork sandwiches. AUSTIN BLUES® Smoked Meats are made to inspire your menu.

    Brisket is Booming

    Graphic reads: Brisket has a 4-year growth rate of 23% (2022 Dataseential Menu Monitor)

    Smoke Offerings

    Pit Smoked icon featuring an outline of Texas

    Pit Smoked

    Carefully tended by seasoned pitmasters, these premium meats are meticulously smoked in rotisserie-style pits deep in the heart of Texas. We use our own unique blend of hickory and oak hardwood logs for a distinct smoky flavor.

    Hardwood Smoked icon showing a cross-section of a tree

    Hardwood Smoked

    Smoked slow and low over 100% real hardwood chips, there’s no comparison to the signature smoky flavors of these tender, juicy, perfectly-crafted proteins.

    Pecanwood Smoked icon showing a large, leafy tree

    Pecanwood Smoked

    It start with our signature rub made from carefully selected seasonings. We then slow smoke these proteins over 100% Pecanwood for distinct flavor.

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    Ideas for Your Menu

    Pulled Pork Gorditas

    Smoky, delicate, light and so satifying. Exlore all of our AUSTIN BLUES® Smoked Meat ideas.

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    Experience our Slow-Smoked Difference