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Flash 180 Speed Proteins - Battered Sous-Vide Chicken

Create Crispy, Craveable Chicken Like Never Before

We understand that time is money, and in the kitchen, you don’t have either to spare. With FLASH 180™ Battered Sous Vide Chicken, Hormel Foods is the first to bring you easy to-prepare, consistent chicken that helps increase productivity and profitability, without compromising flavor or value. All in approximately 3 minutes.

How does this change the game?

putting a battered chicken breast into a fryer

Ready when you are

Save time compared to raw,
par-cooked or pre-cooked frozen products. Go from fryer to plate in approximately 3 minutes.

battered sous vide chicken breast, sliced

Won’t compromise quality

Lock in flavor and moisture while keeping things clean and crispy, thanks to our innovative process that cooks the chicken sous vide while in a tasty homestyle batter.

battered sous-vide chicken with a waffle, bacon, and avocado

Make it your own

Our homestyle batter allows for complete creative customization with spices, seasonings and sauces.

Chicken that’s Faster than the Competition

illustrated timer showing 3 minutes

FLASH 180™

illustrated timer showing 7 minutes

Cooked from frozen*

illustrated timer showing 8 minutes

Cooked from raw*

*Based on independent tests using raw chicken breasts and conventional fully cooked chicken breasts, cooked in a deep fryer at 350°F.

Don’t just take our word for it

Try it for yourself

Hear What A Real Operator Has To Say

fried chicken sandwich on an asiago bagel

Customers can’t get enough chicken

Fried chicken sandwiches have had a 58% increase in popularity over the past 4 years.*

*Technomic 2022

Flash 180 brand logo

From-Scratch Quality without the from-scratch time

Cooking from raw takes more time, leaves more room for error and can create big food-safety and cross-contamination issues. Save your staff time and stress with speed proteins designed to feel hand-made from the start.

Add flavor to your menu, fast!

Craft ownable


Fully cooked chicken doesn’t mean a predetermined dish. FLASH 180™ Battered Sous Vide Chicken is coated in a batter that is a great base for additional breading or spices.

a hand holding a chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun

a chef applying panko crumbs to a chicken breast

arrow pointing left
arrow pointing up

This groundbreaking method allows for easy customization to fit your operation’s flavor and flare.

fresh fruity salad with slices of battered sous-vide chicken

battered sous-vide chicken with a fried egg on toast

Battered Sous Vide Chicken

asiago bagel with battered sous-vide chicken

Satisfying Crunch

slices of battered sous-vide chicken in a shawarma wrap

battered sous-vide chicken in a biscuit sandwich with gravy

bowl with sliced battered chicken and tater tots

Scratch-like Quality

Flash 180 Speed Proteins - Ground breaking. Time-saving. Sous vide.


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