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What America Thinks of Pizza in 2024

What America Thinks of Pizza in 2024

Pizza Hero

Pizza will always be a favorite, but the popular toppings and the experiences it creates can change often. To help you stay on top of your pizza game, we used an annual industry report1 and research platform2 to scour millions of restaurant menus and billions of social media interactions to see what pizza lovers are saying about pizza.

Pizza Toppings

ingredient prep table
hot honey pizza

Spicy Honey is Hot!

When people chat about pizza on social media, spicy honey has been mentioned more often than any other condiment.

Going Global

Chimichurri, gochujang and miso have also been appearing in more conversations, likely because of the continuing interest in global foods.

global pizza


Pesto sauce—often pistachio pesto—has boomed in chatter when it comes to pizza and continues to get popular.

Making the Menu

When asked which pizza toppings they have introduced in the past year, operators listed:

unique delicious pizza


When asked what toppings are currently being crafted and tested, operators noted:

  • Unconventional meats: pork belly, smoked brisket, prosciutto and cup & char sausage
  • Unexpected produce: persimmons, smoked Kalamata olives, sweet drop peppers, lemons and exotic mushrooms like shiitake
  • Unbelievable additions: waffles, octopus, curry sauce and pecans

Pizza Styles

Need that Neapolitan

Neapolitan pizza is the most talked about pizza style, with over a hundred thousand mentions in social media posts.

detroit style
cheese pizza

Pizza Cuisines

pizza illustration - cuban

Trying It Out

Restaurant operators are experimenting with Mexican, Cuban and Indian-inspired pizzas.

pizza illustration - veggie

Globally Delicious

When people talk about pizza, they also mention cuisines like Italian, American, Mexican, Indian, Asian and Latin American.

pizza illustration


Keep an eye on Montenegrin fare—it’s a flavor profile quickly growing in online pizza conversations. Foods like lemon, shellfish, and clotted cream can add unique flavors to your pizzas.

Pizza Experiences

pizza house

Unforgettably Good

When people talk about their experience with pizza, more and more often they’re mentioning how it helps create memories.


Feeling the Flavor

While “fun” and “fresh” have been mentioned when online users talk about pizza experiences, “indulgence” is a term that’s been used 144% more since last year.

mexican pizza

Independents Days

From new pizza styles to unique topping combinations, independent pizzerias are leading the way in menu creativity.

Pizza Marketing

Seeking the ‘Za

Pizza lovers on social are frequently suggesting or asking for pizzeria recommendations and new pizzeria openings.

pizza influencer

Show Off Your Stuff

Here are some restaurant marketing trends operators and consumers on the web are talking about:

  • Using local, micro-influencers, vs. big-name celebrities
  • Online ordering (if you haven’t nailed it down yet, you might be missing out on easy income!)
  • A focus on social media strategy and commerce
  • Being aware of the capabilities of AI tools for your business
  • Cause-marketing efforts with organizations that align with your brand

1 Pizza Today: Pizza Industry Trends Report (2024)
2 Tastewise Proprietary Research (2024)


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