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Turning Pennies into Profits

Turning Pennies into Profits

Slices of pepperoni pizza

Why Pepperoni Slice Count Is So Important

Every penny counts when you’re operating on razor thin margins. That goes without saying. Why then are so many pizzerias leaving money on the table? We think it comes down to one seemingly small detail that can have quite the impact on your overall costs: slice count. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to getting more pennies out of your pepperoni. 

What Is Slice Count?

Simply put, slice count refers to the number of pepperoni slices you get per ounce. For instance, some manufacturers guarantee an exact slice count. Each slice is spec’d to a specific thickness so the number is always consistent. Others provide a slice count range, which means you could get fewer slices per case even though the case weight stays the same.

Container of pepperoni slices on a stainless steel countertop

Why Slice Count Matters

When your pepperoni is sliced to exact specs, you can count on more accurate portion control and more slices per case. Why? Let’s do the math. 

A product with a slice count range of 14 – 16 (or an average of 15 slices per ounce) equates to 240 slices per pound, or 6,000 slices in a 25 lb case. Compare that to an exact slice count of 16 slices per ounce which gives you 256 slices per pound and 6,400 per case. That’s an extra 400 slices of pepperoni per case. Now, let’s say that same product with a slice count range is averaging LOW at 14 slices per ounce,  that slice difference per case jumps to 800!

If you’re putting 32 slices of pepperoni on a large pizza, that means you’re getting up to 25 more pizzas per case. These extra portions drive your overall food costs down. And those savings can add up quickly.

What’s Right For You

Every pizzeria has its own pepperoni preferences. But if a more consistent, profitable and deliciously premium product is important to you, we suggest choosing a manufacturer that offers an exact slice count.

HORMEL® THE PERFORMANCE PEPPERONI® Brand is a perfect example (not that we’re biased or anything). This premium topping gives you total control over your pepperoni food costs and ultimately results in a higher quality product at a better price point than conventional options. Each pepperoni slice is spec’d to a precise thickness, so you get a consistent product every single time. 

Want to nerd out on our slice count specifics?

Check out the video below for a detailed comparison of HORMEL® THE PERFORMANCE PEPPERONI® Brand and the competition. You can also learn how to do your own slice count and put our brand to the test.

Want to do your own slice count audit?

We’re making it easy. Simply get out your scale, see how many pepperoni slices it takes to reach an ounce and add your numbers to our slice count calculator below. It’s easy to use and does all the math for you. You’re welcome. 

See how slice count impacts food cost

When your pepperoni is sliced to exact specs, you can count on more accurate portion control and more slices per case. Why? Let’s do the math.

Step 1

To determine your average slice count per ounce, get out your scale. Add one slice of pepperoni at a time until you reach one ounce. Record that number, and repeat this exercise two or three more times to determine your average.

Pepperoni Units

You now have your average slice count per ounce. Input your information below to determine your true pepperoni food cost.


Slice Count Audit Results

The results below will show you a true cost comparison for your current food cost against HORMEL® THE PERFORMANCE PEPPERONI® Brand.

Want to put our slice count claims to the test? Get in touch and we will take you through a side by side comparison with your current pepperoni brand.


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