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Hormel Foodservice Launches the Table Blazers Recognition Program

Hormel Foodservice Launches the Table Blazers Recognition Program

table blazer header

We see it all the time. Operators working tirelessly day in and day out with little recognition for their efforts. This opportunity for celebration was the basis for launching Table Blazers: our new program that highlights those who have made outstanding contributions (big or small) to the foodservice industry.

Driven by our leadership, the Table Blazers program is the first of its kind in the industry. “The food business is not for everyone. This industry requires a tremendous amount of commitment,” says our very own Vice President of Marketing Annemarie Vaupel. “It’s important to celebrate it because it’s hard work.”

By sharing these stories with the broader foodservice industry, we hope to light a similar flame in others while giving the acknowledgement to operators that they’ve long deserved.

Selecting The Blazers

Our direct sales team plays a pivotal role in the program as they are responsible for nominating their operators based on four categories: problem solving, innovation, community involvement, and employee retention and engagement. This program leverages these unique and intimate relationships to bring to light personalized accounts.

Meet Some of the Table Blazers

Our Table Blazers come from across the United States working in universities, hospitals, restaurants and more, stirring up change in their communities and across the industry.

Bob Bruso, Robert's Italian Deli

Bob Bruso

Robert’s Italian Deli in Littleton, CO

Just outside of Denver, family restaurant operator and entrepreneur Bob Bruso and his wife Jean have more on their minds than just their delicious calzones and stromboli. They even think beyond beloved customers to help their community as a whole. Read more

Dorothy McClure, RDLD

Dorothy McCLure

Lead Corporate Dietician at ABCM Corporation in Hampton, Iowa

Due to shortage of labor, Dorothy carries a heavy load and often juggles many tasks at once—tasks that are often too much for one person. She perseveres, however, because of her endless loyalty to serving her residents. Dorothy not only understands the value of a healthy meal but also the importance of treating others with care and compassion. Read more

Keith Soster, University of Michigan Dining Team

Keith Soster

University of Michigan Dining Team in Ann Arbor, MI

At the University of Michigan, Director of Student Engagement Keith Soster and his dining team are part of the solution to a big problem: food insecurity. One out of every three college students can’t afford healthy meals, which can diminish test scores and overall nutrition. Read more

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