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Peruvian Turkey Sub

Peruvian Turkey Sub

Peruvian Turkey Sub

Featuring JENNIE-O® Petite Turkey Breast Roast, this Peruvian take on a turkey sub will elevate any menu. Accompanied by a spicy aji Amarillo sauce and crispy plantain chips, this sub is sure to please!


Peruvian Turkey Sub ingredients
  1. JENNIE-O® Petite Turkey Breast Roast (218804)
  2. French roll
  3. Guacamole
  1. Creamy aji Amarillo sauce
  2. Crispy plantain chips
  3. Pickled red onion
  4. Fresh cilantro
Peruvian Turkey Sub Step 1


Cook the JENNIE-O® Turkey Breast as directed. Allow the turkey to rest, then slice and set aside.

Peruvian Turkey Sub Step 2


Toast the French roll and spread guacamole on the bottom.

Peruvian Turkey Sub Step 3


Top with sliced turkey, followed by the creamy aji Amarillo sauce.

Peruvian Turkey Sub Step 4


Add the crispy plantain chips, pickled red onion and cilantro.

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