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The Power of the LTO

The Power of the LTO

Clock and speech bubble saying "limited time!"

Limited Time Offers. The big LTO. From those mint green shakes to pumpkin spice everything to saucy rib sandwiches, LTOs excite customers, drive sales and make the most of your menu. Here’s what you need to know and how to pull one off successfully.

Why LTOs Work

1. Consumers Are Curious
People want what they haven’t had. LTOs are a great way to pique interest, drive sales and encourage repeat visits. All while selling more items from your regular menu.

That’s right, LTO FOMO is real. More importantly, limited supply drives higher demand, urgency, scarcity and value for your dish. People want to get it before it’s gone.

3. New Foods Are Fun To Share
LTOs are exciting experiences. The right offering will encourage people to share photos, videos and stories on their social networks — generating some tasty buzz for you.

Tips for a Successful LTO

Stopwatch icon

Emphasize Urgency

LTOs won’t last forever. Advertise an end date and use language like “This month only.” and “Get it now.” Or, use a countdown timer to tease when it will be back.

Salad icon

Start Simple

An LTO can be as simple as offering new sides and toppings to create a new twist on a dish — instead of creating completely new items.

Price tags icon

Price Right

Diners will often pay more for unique ingredients and flavor combinations, giving you the perfect opportunity to charge higher prices and increase check averages.

Testing clipboard icon

Test Recipes

Want to see if an item has potential? Test it as an LTO. If it generates a great reaction, it could deserve a full-time spot on your menu.

Stay True

Your customers visit because they know what to expect from your establishment. Your LTO should align with other menu items and not completely stray from your brand.

Inventory planning icon

Be Prepared

Train your staff appropriately and plan inventory correctly. You don’t want to diminish the power of the LTO by running out of food.

Want to Start Your Own LTO?

Your Hormel Foodservice Rep is here to help. Contact yours to get started today.

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