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Breakfast is Served: Early Risers are on the Rise

Breakfast is Served:
Early Risers are on the Rise

Overhead shot of bacon, egg and veggies on a gray plate

Whether you’re a seasoned brunch vet or serving breakfast is new to you, there’s no denying that customers are looking to dine out earlier these days. But with the increased popularity of the earlier daypart comes increased hours, menu options and challenges you might not have seen coming. Read along as we discuss why breakfast and brunch are rising in popularity, what it means to your patrons and ways you can best prepare.

Over the shoulder shot of someone holding a breakfast sandwich

The Great Meal Shift

It comes as no surprise that in 2024 diners are looking for value. Today’s diners are wanting delicious and filling food, comfort and entertainment, all for an affordable price. And what does all that better than breakfast? “Breakfast daypart is special compared to other dayparts,” shares Hormel Foods Corporate Chef and Culinary Collective Lead Barry Greenberg, “it’s rushed and busy but when you do take the time to sit together, it’s sacred and a special time.”

And patrons aren’t just making time for breakfast on the weekends. Throughout 2024, it’s anticipated to see consumers treating themselves to a breakfast out, rather than lunch, as a delicious and entertaining way to break up the week.1 But of course, Saturday and Sunday still largely reign supreme, in fact, Sunday brunch may be the new Friday night in terms of eating out, thanks to brunch’s enticing social aspects, indulgent cocktail selections and lower-than-average checks.1, 2

Bagel sandwiches on the griddle topped with egg, tomato, cheese and bacon

What Does This Mean for My Menu?

While there is room for innovation with the new breakfast flavors and ingredients, consistency is key when expanding your menu. Take a look at your current customer favorites, is there a way to “breakfast-ify” those options? Try adding eggs to a burrito, offering your classic fried chicken on waffles or offering any savory breakfast classic with your signature barbeque sauce. Keeping your menu familiar with subtle, unexpected twists is a great way to delight customers.

Don’t forget to continue keeping quality and convenience top of mind when planning your brunch menu. Convenient, pre-prepped ingredients and high-quality items designed to withstand longer holding times can help keep any back-of-house congestion at bay with the addition of a popular daypart.

Egg skillet with avocado and garnish

Remember: Breakfast is a Dish Best Served Warm & Cozy

As Chef Greenberg said, “Breakfast is a time to slow down and connect with someone across the table.” Consistency, comfort and tradition are paramount to the breakfast daypart. Ensuring guests are warmly welcomed and feel a sense of comfort during their delicious morning ritual can help drive repeat business.

If you’d like to know more about how our expertise, bacon and sausage can differentiate your foodservice offerings, let’s chat. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

1 Technomic 12/2023 2024 US Trends
2 Economist, 06/2023



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