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UMass Dining Team

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UMass Dining Team

UMass Dining Team

Auxiliary Enterprises, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Amherst, MA

Hunger is a growing concern at college campuses across the country. It’s a problem that’s often hidden or disguised due to the stigma and embarrassment commonly experienced by those who don’t have enough to eat. That’s why the dining team at the University of Massachusetts set out to address food insecurity issues and ensure students have access to proper nutrition, no matter the circumstances.

The team at UMass Dining, including Christopher Howland, Garett DiStefano, Ken Toong and Andrew Mankus, created several programs to combat food insecurity, all centered around the policy that no student goes hungry. It begins in the cafeteria. If a student shows up in need of a meal, no matter the status of their meal card, dining managers allow them to eat. They also offer discounted meals at the end of the day as well as a meal voucher program for those facing immediate and unforeseen hardships. In addition to on-campus programs, UMass Dining organizes a fundraising run called Dash N Dine. The proceeds go to the Amherst Survival Center, a community resource that provides food, as well as shelter, showers and more for individuals and families in need. They also support the Food Recovery Network, a program where students fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food and donating to those in need. In 2019, they created the Meal Assistance Program to continue to fund efforts to keep students nourished. To date, thousands of students have benefited from these programs, enabling them to fill their stomachs before filling their minds with knowledge.

To learn more about how UMass Dining is leading the charge against hunger, visit their website, see the YouTube video or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.


UMass Dining Team

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