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Adrianne Simeone

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Adrianne Simeone


Boston Salads and Prepared Foods
Boston, MA

There’s a tremendous amount of care that goes into the foods that are assembled and distributed by Boston Salads and Prepared Foods in Boston, Massachusetts where Adrianne Simeone is Vice President. But Adrianne’s caring extends well beyond the high-quality, pre-packed items that are found in retailers throughout the East Coast. That’s because Adrianne is also founder of The Mama Bear Effect, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and helping prevent child sexual abuse.

While taking a break from work in 2014 after the birth of the first of her four children, Adrianne became aware of the alarming number of children who were being sexually abused, estimated to be 1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys. To bring the issue to forefront of the public’s mind, Adrianne planted a pinwheel garden in her home community. Since then, she formally founded The Mama Bear Effect, and her dedication to raising awareness has grown, working directly with the public, individual advocates and fellow non-profits across the country and globe to improve safety standards. In the years since its inception, The Mama Bear Effect has published and distributed brochures for caregivers and parents, helped prepare children about to testify in court, launched awareness ribbons to raise support, offered resources for families of children with disabilities and produced posters, blogs and even children’s books in multiple languages, making an astounding impact on her community and beyond. As a true Mama Bear, Adrianne is leading the way to a safer tomorrow for our children.

To stay up to date with the work The Mama Bear Effect is doing, visit their site, or follow their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds. To learn more about Boston Salads and Prepared Foods, see their site or follow on Facebook.


Boston Salads and Prepared Foods

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