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The Chalice of Pepperoni

Picture-perfect curls and a distinct crunch is how we make ROSA GRANDE® Pepperoni worthy of your pies.

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    Making Headlines

    What publications and podcasts are saying about cup & char pepperoni.

    Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal

    “It concentrates all the greasy goodness into one delicious goblet.”

    March, 2019

    NPR Planet Money

    NPR Planet Money

    Anthony Panichelli from Hormel Foods talks to NPR about the surprising numbers behind pepperoni use.

    August, 2019

    Stitcher logo

    Pizza City Podcast

    “Around the edges, it’s dark, it’s crunchy. In the center, it’s more tender. I want that smokiness.”

    January, 2020

    See For Yourself

    Get a closer look at specs, features and the pepperoni in action.


    What Makes it Great

    Picture Perfect Pizza

    Picture Perfect Pizza

    The signature curl and charred edges make for a look that gets all the attention.

    Noticeable Craft

    Noticeable Craft

    Balance taste, texture and decades in the dry sausage game for an experience to remember.

    Happy, Loyal Guests

    Happy, Loyal Guests

    A unique topping adorning your already incredible pies brings customers back again and again.

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    Fresh Ideas for Your Menu

    Detroit Style Pizza

    Delight your patrons with an eye-popping rectangular pizza with a decadent 2” crust, and our thick cut ROSA GRANDE® Sliced Pepperoni.

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