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How We Support Local Values

“Is this local?” You’ve probably heard patrons ask this question more times than you can count. Just like it might not be feasible for you to purchase every product locally, it isn’t feasible for us to produce all of our products locally. But the good news is we do support the values that often prompt patrons to purchase local products.

What Values Drive Local Purchases?

While there are different interpretations of what "local" truly means, there are generally two values that motivate patrons to purchase locally sourced products.

  • Environment


    Perceived as a more sustainable/environmentally friendly choice.

  • Community


    Supports the local community/economy.

Sustainable Practices

We've found ways to cut down on transportation, which accounts for 11% of a product’s environmental impact. We do this by building production facilities where feed crops are already grown. The maps below show hog, corn and soybean production. As you can see, corn and soybeans are grown in the same areas where hog farms are located.

While we don’t track specific food mile values, we consider the food miles attached to the resources required to sustain our animals. The closer those resources are to the farm, the better.

U.S. Hogs Production 2012

U.S. Corn Production

U.S. Soybean Production

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

While we operate globally, we’re truly a local business. We’ve stayed in our hometown of Austin, Minnesota for all 126 years of our company’s existence. We support local charities, schools and more in Austin and in other farming communities across the country. Long story short, we have a long history of supporting the local communities that make our business possible.


We’re constantly looking for ways to make our practices more sustainable, efficient and responsible. So when you partner with us, you can feel confident knowing you’re purchasing from a company that shares your values.

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Best Kept Insights

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